Overdrive Lyrics – KR$NA, Hi Rez, Tech N9ne

Presenting another collab rap song of Krsna, Overdriver lyrics featuring Hi-Rez – Overdrive (KR$NA, Tech N9ne, Twista, Joell Ortiz, Bizzy Bone, A-F-R-O. Enjoy the song.

Overdrive Lyrics – KR$NA, Hi-Rez, Tech N9ne, Twista, Joell Ortiz, Bizzy Bone, A-F-R-O 

I walked through hell and made it out alive
Shut your mouth, don’t want your damn advice
The real one’s just arrived
I will not apologize
Turn this shit to overdrive

When I trigger the tick of the timing
When I gotta put ‘em in a predicament – within the rhyming
I gotta do it, gotta committing a bit of the violence
I never hid it, I’m a nigga that bout to get him a body
Better off leaving it silent
Bout to arm, nigga that bout to bomb, my nigga to keep it calm

Key the car, keep believing you beat me, I beat the odds
Wonderful loser, I’m bout to usin’ the voodoo
A nigga that butter and know, you niggas about to know what I’m bout to do to you
And when I gotta cray on a beat, I better hollow iT
Automatic, and ain’t no way another motherfucker follow it

Methodical, he known to the prodigal, oughta go
Amistad, or I can leave another brother Matalo
Bottom line, the nigga that bout to do it – the nigga to pardon mine
Apartheid, the missile to nuke it until they ALL DIED
Overdrive, get em notified, the brother to archive
On the mind, all bizarre – on the front-line – one time

I unwind, I’m unkind, I run by the pain
Alumni, I untie and comply the brain
The nigga to bout do it – I gotta give em another guarantee
I keep it zooted and suckas’ll know I got the kerosene
Beautiful music is suited for the one, the listener
The visionary bury everybody, be the minister
The incubus in abyss, and I be the one to benefit
It be the fatality Mortal Kombat finisher!

Aya me kahan se
Dekho pahauncha me kahan pe
KR$NA ke naam pe chaudi yahan puri awaam hai
Mile dua ke naam pe, dhuaan ye jaante
Kyun aaj ye kampte? dikhe saanmp inhe kue me jhaank ke

pure ek saans me karoo me to asli kaand
jalti jaan inki dekh ke mera asli kaam
Jaldi baand ye naqab jaise badrinath me Rajnikanth
kis chapri ki fatt ri gaand? Bolo

10 plus years been underrated as f*ck
Always kept it a buck, I never ducked no action
Thought they’d be chuffed and celebrating my ups
But they’re claiming it’s luck and never praising my passion

I’m a savage in both languages
Kinda tight with the rap but it’s no bandages
Brandishing flows that are so damaging, throw hands with it, when the beat bang,
my fangs come out and I strangle it

Jaan te baat sab; meri baatein vastav
Kahan se kaha tak dekhe mene raaste ghaatak
Rap ke waste karte ye khaas se nataak
Paas the khaas tab wahi mere paas hai aaj tak

Never lacking the energy making my enemy’s scared of me
Cleverly put ‘em in jeopardy chopping the melody guillotine
I’m a remedy, mentally, for the ones that need therapy
Coz I’m meant to be legendary, hella deep in the scene!

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